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About: Retired Pastor of Dominion Life Church in Portland Oregon Dec 2015 - Retired in October 2016 Pastor of Beaverton Full Gospel Church in Beaverton Oregon July 2010 - August 2015 Ministered as an Evangelist in Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, England, Ireland and the U.S. Business background: Any Presentations LLC: 2005 - July 2013 President: Started the company in 2005 with a skilled technician and developed, marketed and managed a successful online newsletter and other technical resources for Real Estate Agents from scratch. Overseeing virtually every function, including product development, finance, human resources, marketing and production. We built the company to 1100 Real Estate customers all across the U.S. using our propriety technology. Company had five employees. Sold out to partner in July 2013. Automated Payment Processing, Inc. 1998 – 2005 President: Joined the company as President and managed and marketed a successful mortgage automated payment system to clients across the U.S. I was the face of the organization and ultimately responsible for its performance, we also developed and marketed one of the first pay-by-phone systems for Electric Coop-Operatives, for their customers to pay their electric bills by phone. Company had seven employees. Sold out to partners in 2005. PTI Communications: 1989 – 1998 President: Currently manage Christianhelpfordepression.org website and minister to people around the world helping them to overcome Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, and Fear.

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August 2, 2021

Why Democrats’ Massive Effort To Suppress Election Concerns Is Dangerous